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Bruxism, Tooth Grinding and Enamel Erosion

Procedure Details

Bruxism can cause headaches, earaches, facial pain and bite and jaw problems. Continual teeth-grinding can also lead to tooth enamel loss, and leave teeth more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. In this case the area was fixed by placing resin fillings to prevent further damage. A bruxism guard was also supplied to help relieve the stresses and break the habit.

Damage From Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition based on over use of the facial muscles used for chewing.  Teeth normally should not be in contact and if so only slightly.  With bruxism heavy forces are created that can weaken the enamel and lead to tooth structure loss.  This damage happens over time so it may not be sensitive, despite the significant loss of tooth structure.

A bruxism guard is used to protect the teeth and to help break the habit.  A bruxism guard is not a simple mouth guard, like tose sold over the counter at drug stores.  At Martin dentistry our guards are prescribed based upon models of your mouth and a record of your bite.

The resin material used in this case will protect against future wear and sensitivity.


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