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Worn and Deformed Teeth Improved with Crowns

Procedure Details

This patient had a malformation of the enamel of his teeth. Because of the absence of enamel, there was staining and wear of the remaining tooth structure. He wanted a natural full looking smile. Porcelain crowns were used to achieve and the desired length, color and shape. A model was used to review the case before starting so that the patient could approve and suggest changes. Temporaries were made from the model so the patient could get a feel for how the final restorations would look. A minimal amount of tooth was removed and the restorations were bonded for stability.

Correcting Abnormal Formation

Sometimes due to medications or illness the formation of enamel is interrupted.  This can result in mishapen or stained teeth.  The condition can be referred to as Enamel Hypoplasia.  There is no cure for this condition and the teeth will not heal themseleves.  In a advanced case there can be teeth that are lost due to wear and decay.  Full coverage crowns were used to protect the remaining tooth structure in this case.


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