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Root Canal Therapy (Root Canal Treatment) – Fishers, IN

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About Root Canal Therapy

If detected early on, tooth decay can be treated with a dental filling or a similar procedure to clean the enamel and seal the area. However, if the decay spreads past the enamel and infects the inner pulp of the tooth, you will likely need a root canal. Often called an endodontic treatment, root canal therapy at Martin Dentistry removes the damaged pulp from the tooth, sanitizes the cavity, and then uses a filling material to seal the tooth. Seasoned dentists Drs. Matthew Martin, Stephanie Martin, and Lynn Marshall recommend a root canal to Fishers, IN individuals because it not only treats the infected tooth, it prevents the decay from moving to other teeth (creating a larger issue).

A root canal is a very common dental therapy, yet many people avoid going to see a dentist for a toothache because of common dental fears. Our dental team makes their best effort to help you feel at ease and naturally relaxed, but we also offer a number of sedation options for any anxiety. Contact Martin Dentistry to set up a consultation with one of our skilled dentists to learn more about sedation dentistry and root canal therapy.

What to Expect

Before the root canal begins, the dentist will numb the patient’s teeth and gums with a local anesthetic, as well as nitrous oxide gas for further patient comfort and relaxation if needed. Once the patient is prepared, the dentist will carefully remove the pulp from the decayed tooth, both the visible portion of the tooth and the root below the gum line. After the tooth is removed, the dentist will place a crown or filling material to strengthen and protect the treated tooth.

Treatment Aftercare

After the root canal treatment, the patient’s lips and gums will remain numb for a few hours, but the patient will be able to drive and leave to recover at home. If the patient is feeling any pain after the procedure, they can take an over-the-counter painkiller, following the instructions on the label. If the dentist placed a temporary crown over the tooth, the patient will return after the permanent crown is created and sent back to the office. The dentist will then place the crown and check the fit. The patient should return for annual dental exams and professional cleanings twice a year, or as recommended by the dentist.

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Stop Dental Infections

Thanks to advancements in the dental industry, root canals can be a fast, easy procedure to treat an infected tooth. Along with different levels of sedation, your root canal at Martin Dentistry can be comfortable and save you from tooth pain or more invasive procedures. Contact our staff in Fishers, IN to set up a consultation for more information on root canal therapy and other ways to improve your dental health.

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