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Martin Dentistry

12370 Olio Road
Fishers, IN 46037

Patient Testimonial | Martin Dentistry

Martin Dentistry is fully committed to fostering lasting, sincere relationships with each patient we serve, we strive to provide the best dental experience around.

Video Transcript

Dr. Matt Martin:    What makes a successful dental practice in general is really the relationships you forge with people. Anybody can do the procedures. Anybody can have an appointment, but when you really get a chance to know somebody, understand their wants and needs and have that relationship, I think that's the most important part.

Kathy:              I have known the Martins since they began practicing in Muncie, Indiana. I loved their professionalism and the relationship we had so much that when they began practicing here, I drove out of my way from Yorktown to be a patient of theirs. Thankfully, I've moved to the area now, and so they're very close to me, but I thoroughly enjoy them. I appreciate all they do as a team for me and my family.

Cory:               It's a really clean place. It is convenient. A lot of the places I go as far as grocery stores, pharmacies, places I go to eat, hang out. My parents live about 15 minutes from here so it's very convenient for my life. I really like that they have TVs inside the patient's room so when you're having a cleaning or if you're here for even longer procedure, it's very helpful. I do like that they have Wifi here, so my job is I worked from home but I can be mobile so when you come and you have to wait at all, you can always jump on the Wifi network and bang out some emails or something like that.

Emily:              I followed Dr. Marshall from her Muncie practice, and a lot of people ask me why I travel so far just to go to the dentist. Years ago I had an experience with a dentist. I struggled with panic attacks and anxiety my whole life, and I had a really bad experience with a previous dentist, so upon my first visit with Dr. Marshall, I informed her of this experience, and she has made every effort to make sure that I don't experience that again. Whether the procedure is big or small, she takes time with me. If she thinks I need a break, she'll take a break. Through the procedures, she takes breaks with me and says, "Are you okay?" She doesn't make me have procedures that are unnecessary, but she yet gently nudges me into the ones that she knows I need. So, people ask why would I travel so far just to go to a dentist. Well, why wouldn't I? 

Jerry:              They're very personable, all the dentists, even the technicians here. They just treat you like family, I believe, and they, to me ... I'm one of the in the older age group, and I always thought teeth, gums is very important, and I think it keeps you younger looking, and I think I attribute some of my youthful looking to their dentistry skills.

Ryan:               I had noticed the building being built when we moved up here. They were still in the old building like a block down, and so I was watching the building being built and kind of wondering what it was. And so this popped up, and it just seemed ... the building, it was really nice and new and I guess that sent a signal to me that it was clearly a practice that people liked that was growing.

Melody:             My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Steph and Dr. Matt for several years now, and we're so grateful that we met them. Not only are they both really good dental professionals, very knowledgeable in their field, always make you feel very comfortable as a patient in their office, but they're just good people, honest and we trust them.